Thursday, January 30, 2014

St.Clair Water Fall

St.Clair is a name of the tea estate and a cool climate  place of Thalawakele of Sri Lanka. St.clair waterfall is a very beautiful and wide waterfall of Sri Lanka. St.clair is a place between Hatton and Thalawakale. The falls is known as little Nayagara. Fall is at 5Km away from Thalawakele town. Devon waterfalls St.clair waterfalls and many beautiful waterfalls are at Kothmale river. The fall is at Latitude 6.951178 and Longitude 80.647877. The fall has two drops and 90m high. This waterfall comes via upper Kothmale and various places. Thalawakele, Nanuoya, Hatton and other places closed to this place is known as large and upcountry beautiful tea estates of Sri Lanka.

St.clair is a very beautiful place. This waterfall has large amount of water. There fore it increases demand and beauty of this waterfall. St.clair is a western name. Before 1948 AD Sri Lanka was govern by British government. They used to grow tea in upcountry lands and export it to UK. In that time they hippies about this waterfall and place the name like this.
Many places of This region has nice and big tea estates. Thalawakele, Dayagama, Hatton, Great western, Hillwood, Blackwood, Horton plains, and various tea factories. You can visit these tea factories as well. Tamil workers are work in tea estates. This workers have political party called Sri Lanka workers congress and it's controlled by Mr. Thondaman.
Thalawakele has nice railway station and special points are also at there. Thalawakele rail way is narrow road and in little distance train travels up to several kilometers.
St.clair is at clsed to the main road and railway

This twin St. Clair’s waterfall cascades over three rock outcrops into a massive pool and it is most conveniently seen by travellers on Hatton – Talawakelle Road. This beautiful and popular fall is located among tea gardens, transmits a large volume of water, and is the widest waterfall in the country. The fall is sited over 500 metres away from the road, and one needs to walk down among tea bushes at a steep slope to reach it.

The proposed Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Project will affect the water resources of St Clair’s but for the benefit of the public a limited quantity of water will be released to prevent complete disappearance of the fall. Downstream to the main fall is a second waterfall of 50 m in height called Kuda Ella, which is best visible at the curve near 90 km post. At this point, though far, complete fall of St. Clair’s is visible including the last section that was partly hidden.

St. Clair's fall is billed as Sri Lanka's Niagara, or 'king of waterfalls' due to its outstanding beauty. It is 80m in height and at 50m wide, and consists of two segments, known as 'Big St. Clair' and 'Small St. Clair'. Created by the Kotmale River, a tributary of the Mahaweli River, it flows down a slope through an abandoned tea estate that covers hundreds of hectares. The main fall is located 3 kms from Talawakelle.


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