Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yala Tree House

Indulge yourself in the perfect hideout at Yala national reserve in the deep down south of Sri Lanka. It would no doubt simulate the experience of a hawk on a treetop where you would enjoy the rich fauna and flora around you. 

Rather than you going to the wild to catch a glimps of landmark species steriotypic to the area, curious beasts such as the Sri Lankan leopard (kotiya), Sri Lankan elephant (aliya), sloth bear (walaha) and million and one native and migratory birds would parade around you to see who you are. 

Apart from the pristine environment that we offer without a pocket emptying cost we also offer facilities that you do not want to miss even when you are in the wild. We assure you safety and quality and you wouldn't want to miss this is a once in a lifetime experinece in the land like no other, the most peaceful country in whole of South Asia. 

We have several packages available to suit your reqirements. We welcome you to check the other pages to have much more details. 

Yala Safari

A Safari jeep with elevated seats facing forward will be arranged for your safari to Yala National Park where maximum 6 people can fit in to.
Luxury Jeeps are also available with elevated seats facing forward where maximum 6 people can fit in to one jeep.
You would decide whether you travel in the morning, afternoon or full day safari acccording to your tour itinerary.

Only $50 per person (All included)


You may decide what you want to have and where you want to enjoy your meals here, We ccould reach your requirements in a grand scale with our experienced help team.
You may have the choice of having an asian traditional meal or a western meal that will fit for you.


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